Acoustic Joy™

Acoustic Joy™ is a series of music aimed at guitar students as well as people who take delight in music that is melodious and easy to play but doesn’t require too much technical skill to perform. One purpose of the series is to create a bridge between pop and rock music and the traditional guitar repertoire. The music is based on classical guitar technique but nonetheless sounding more like modern, popular music. The music from the Acoustic Joy™ series is idiomatic and really makes use of the possibilities of the guitar. I.e., the frequent use of open strings as one way of releasing the magic of the guitar. Another prominent element is the use of arpeggio technique, which provides a continuous and natural flow of music.

The Acoustic Joy™ series is divided in three grades from very easy pieces in grade I, to somewhat difficult pieces in grade III. All pieces are written in common and friendly guitar keys. They are also written in both standard notation and TAB.

There is also a complementary series called Acoustic Joy™ Classics for those who want to sniff at the classical guitar repertoire. The series consists of moderately difficult classical pieces which are carefully fingered to be easy to learn.

In order to view the PDF-files online, you may have to download Adobe Reader.

Enjoy Acoustic Joy™!

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