Jonas Mollberg’s Guitar Guide™

Jonas Mollberg’s Guitar Guide™ is a pedagogical aid in the form of a sticker which you put on the top of the frame of the guitar. The guide is available in two versions, one where the seventh note of the scale is called B, and one where it is called H. (Mainly for Germany and the Scandinavian countries).

NOTE! The sticker is printed on a very special slightly adhesive material, and it can therefore be easily removed, when not needed any more. You can even remove the guide and put it back. Therefore, we can guarantee that the sticker will not damage your guitar.

Some pros of the sticker:

  • It shows all root notes and their positions on the fretboard. It also shows what they look like as notes and TAB.
  • The sticker has colour marked octaves, which make it easy to learn and keep the various positions of the octaves apart.
  • It is always available. You don’t need to skim through a book, pick up or turn something to look for what you want to know, but the information is just where you need it- on the guitar.
  • It shows the most frequent major, minor and septime chords.
  • It is easy to understand, easy to grasp and has a clean layout.
  • It is easy to remove when not needed any more.