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Jonas MMy name is Jonas Mollberg and I'm a Swedish guitar teacher, composer and guitarist. I'm educated at SMI - Stockholms Musikpedagogiska Institut - in Stockholm. I write a lot of music mainly for educational purposes. I've also developed pedagogical aids like Jonas Mollberg's Guitar Guide™, Jonas Mollberg's Guitar Guide XL™ and Jonas Mollberg's Chord Buddy™ three very convenient and genius ways to learn the guitar.

On my site you can download some of my music for free! I just ask you to send me a note when you perform or record some of my music. You can also listen to some of the pieces.

Contact: jonas (at) mollberg (dot) se

Jonas Mollberg's Guitar Guide

Jonas Mollberg's Guitar Guide™ is a pedagogical aid in the form of a sticker which you put on the top of the frame of the guitar...

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Jonas Mollberg's Guitar Guide XL

Jonas Mollberg´s Guitar Guide XL™ is a further elaboration of Jonas Mollberg´s Guitar Guide®. The XL-version is not a sticker...

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