Jonas Mollberg´s Guitar Guide XL™

Jonas Mollberg´s Guitar Guide XL™ is a further elaboration of Jonas Mollberg´s Guitar Guide®. The XL-version is not a sticker but a sheet that can be used on your music-stand or as it is. Both ways will always provide you with comprehensive information but used on your music-stand you will always have the information you need available.

Jonas Mollberg´s Guitar Guide XL™ provides you with the same information as Jonas Mollberg´s Guitar Guide® but since the XL-version is much bigger, some very neat features have been added.

These are:

  • A guide to more than 400 chords!
  • Essential accompaniment patterns for your right hand.
  • Information about basic time values.
  • Right and left hand fingering.
  • It’s totally free!!

Some features shared with the sticker are:

  • It shows all root notes and their positions on the fretboard.
  • It also shows what they look like as notes and TAB.
  • Explains the effect of the accidentals
  • Colour marked octaves, which make it easy to learn and keep the various positions of the octaves apart.
  • It is easy to understand, easy to grasp and has a clean layout.