Roger Niven ”Music Reviews” Classical Guitar Magazine issue No 1 – 2000

Prelude And Waltz (Homage to Astor Piazzolla.),
Duet for two guitars, Jonas Mollberg, Mollberg Music Media, 10 pages.Typical of that languid South American style that perfectly combines singable melody with cool harmony, the lyrical quality of this piece captivates from the start. It has the quality and charm to hold you for its full seven minutes. It sits easily in the same musical area as pieces by Alfonso Montes, Jorge Cardoso and Luiz Bonfa and Jonas Mollberg exhibits a masterly talent for writing in this style.

The first movement is a milonga and the harmony twists and turns with the feeling of Latin jazz. This mood is broken when both parts lock into a synchronised tremolo section. Although it is a bit of a surprise when it breaks in, it provides an interesting contrast and is effective here. The reflective mood returns with a short section, full of emotion, leading beautifully into a cadenza, which is a solo for guitar one; nice touch.
Guitar two returns, as does the original theme. One more opportunity to play that beautiful tune again before the waltz in 6/8 dances in, creating a new mood which sweeps you away in another direction but maintains the quality of the writing of the Prelude. Diminished progressions add interest and tension as this section develops. The parts intertwine effectively throughout, sharing melody and harmony.

This piece demands a fluent technique from both players, although it is flexible enough to work at an easy tempo. There are so many instant rewards here that getting it under the fingers will not be a chore.

Highly recommended.