Jonas Mollberg's Chord Buddy™

Jonas Mollberg's Chord Buddy™ is a small application that runs locally in your web browser. In opposite to many similar applications on the Internet Jonas Mollberg's Chord Buddy™ is focusing on chords that are widely used and presents them in versions that really sounds good! Not just theoretically constructed versions. The Chord Buddy is also deliberately constructed to be easy to use. So - if you can surf the web - you can use Jonas Mollberg's Chord Buddy™!

The user interface is easy to use. Select from three tabs:

  • "Tuner" - listen to the open strings of the guitar and tune your guitar after them.
  • "First position chords" - displaying the most common chords on the first three frets of the guitar. Also displays some of them with alternate bass. For example C/E, G/B and so on.
  • "Movable chords" - displaying chords that you can move all over the fretboard. Every chord is displayed in two versions. One with root on string six and one with root on string five.

System requirements: Internet Explorer 5 or better, Netscape 6 or better. Both with cookies and JavaScript enabled. The Chord Buddy may work in other browsers but there's no guarantee it will.