My name is Jonas Mollberg and I’m a Swedish guitar teacher, composer and guitarist. I’m educated at SMI – Stockholms Musikpedagogiska Institut – in Stockholm and the University of Gothenburg. I write a lot of music for the guitar. Both for guitar students and for professionals. I’ve also developed pedagogical aids like Jonas Mollberg’s Guitar Guide™ and Jonas Mollberg’s Guitar Guide XL™. Two very convenient and genius ways to learn the guitar.

On my site you can download some of my music for free. I just ask you to send me a note when you perform or record it. You can also listen to some of the pieces.

Contact me at: jonas (at) mollberg (a tiny little black thing) se

Guitar Guides

Jonas Mollberg’s Guitar Guide

Jonas Mollberg’s Guitar Guide™ is a pedagogical aid in the form of a sticker which you put on the top of the frame of the guitar. The guide is available in two versions, one where the seventh note of the scale is called B, and one where it is called H. (Mainly for Germany and the Scandinavian countries).

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Jonas Mollberg’s Guitar Guide XL

Jonas Mollberg´s Guitar Guide XL™ is a further elaboration of Jonas Mollberg´s Guitar Guide®. The XL-version is not a sticker but a sheet that can be used on your music-stand, as shown by the image to the right, or as it is. Both ways will always provide you with comprehensive information but used on your music-stand you will always have the information you need available.

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My music on YouTube

See and listen to people playing some of my music. I find it very inspiring to see people from all over the world playing my music. Especially it’s fun to see young students play and take delight in my music.